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The Power to Excel Destiny Empowerment Initiatives seeks resellers of our highly sought-after products all around the world.


On a daily basis, we get emails and calls from people all over the world who are in desperate need of our life-transforming books, Audio and Video messages, hence the need to invite more people and give them the awesome privilege of being resellers of our products to make it more easier for people all over the world to get our materials with ease.


AS A RESELLER, YOU BUY ALL OUR BOOKS, VIDEO AND AUDIO MATERIALS AT 70% OF THE NORMAL PRICE, AND RESELL TO OTHERS AT YOUR OWN PRICE. Also, priority attention will be given to you when there are new business and investment opportunities endorsed by Sule Emmanuel and The Power to Excel Destiny Empowerment Initiatives.


These are just a few of the many fantastic benefits and privileges you enjoy when you become a resller of our products.


If you are ready to join us, please call us today:
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Power To Excel.    $ 3.99




We have a large array of powerful audio messages that are soul-lifting, impactful and inspiring, amongst them are:


1. The Jehu’s Anointing
2. There is power in the Word
3. Developing Investment Mentality
4. Destroying the Yoke of Hardship and Average Life (series)
5. My virtues, Arise by Fire (part 1 and 2)
6. Does God really know you?
7. Activating the power of faith
8. A date with the Judge
9. This pattern must expire
10. Deliverance from the forces of stagnation (part 1-4)


and many more