Purpose.Character. Influence

In our world today, it is common place to find people living aimless, directionless and depressed lives, while there are equally others who are living less than they were destined by the Creator. Without a doubt, many are just ‘existing’ and not making major impact in their fields of endeavors.

The POWER TO EXCEL DESTINY EMPOWERMENT INITIATIVES was birthed with a passion to provide empowerment for destiny fulfillment. Our message is: Purpose, Character and Impact; through the delivery of practicalempowerment teachings laced with principles and hands-on wisdom from the Word of God, and our core mediums are the print, social and electronic media.


1. Global Financial Giants Summit (GFGS)

2. Billionaires-In-Training and The Business Clinic seminars(Raising Successful and Exceptional Christian Entrepreneurs)

3. Kingdom Pillars Initiative (KPI)

4. Project UPGRADEConferences(PUC). Inspired by a passion to provide skills, inspiration and mentorship for youths across Africa and beyond, towards inspiring purposeful living, whereby mentees are empowered and positioned to dream, fulfill their dreams and lead meaningful lives.

5. Relationship Empowerment Clinic – A monthly platform to offer direction, wisdom, hope and inspiration to relationships and marriages.

6. Power to Excel Newsletters, and many more

To God’s glory, thePOWER TO EXCEL Initiatives has had remarkable testimonies and accomplishments, even as a number of people have been inspired and empowered to embrace super-productive living, through our various mediums and projects. On daily basis, we get testimonies from across the nations owing to the impact of the our initiatives.

If you love to be a blessing to the vision and mission of the POWER TO EXCEL DESTINY EMPOWERMENT INITIATIVES, we invite to kindly PARTNER WITH US to accomplish more in inspiring and enriching the lives and destinies to men and women all over the world.

God bless you!