Our Vision

Welcome to the online home of POWER TO EXCEL DESTINY EMPOWERMENT INITIATIVES; an arm of the digital media ministry of God’s servant, Dr Sule Emmanuel. 

In our world today, it is a commonplace to find people living aimless, directionless, and depressed lives, while there are many more living less than the Lord destined them. More so, there are others faced with one form of affliction or the other.

Without a doubt, many amongst us are merely ‘existing’ and occupying space, without much effort, excitement, or inspiration to make meaningful and outstanding impact in their fields of endeavours, and in their communities.

For some, it is due to factors they believe is beyond their immediate control, and for others, there is a noticeable cry for help.

More than ever, there is need for the Word of God to be preached in truth, simplicity and consistently; the Word of grace that guarantees hope, direction, restoration and endless possibilities.

The POWER TO EXCEL MEDIA INITIATIVES is inspired and powered by a passion to providing destiny empowerment, divine wisdom, and spiritual revival for purposeful, fulfilling, and impactful existence.

Our mission is to help people “enjoy a rich relationship with Jesus Christ, release their potentials, fulfil divine destiny, and make a significant impact in life.”

We are passionately embracing the use of modern technology to communicate this timeless message of hope, purpose, healing, impact, and revival.

We invite you to join us in sustaining and strengthening this timely initiative for destiny empowerment. Please CLICK HERE to become a distinguished global PARTNER.