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Here are excerpts of the mighty testimonies of God's power and faithfulness through the ministry of Dr Sule Emmanuel. As you read, let your faith rise, and expect a miracle in Jesus name!

My name is Bro Mabhera, East London – South Africa. I had a query from my former employer, which needed me to address them with a contract. For over one year, I looked for the contract document, and I could not find it. I recall Dr Sule said there shall be mighty restorations in all areas of our lives before the 14 days of prayers was over. We had moved to a new house several times, and I thought I had lost the document during moving. But on Thursday, as the prayer session was going on, my wife just picked the contract document from beside our bed. We had turned everywhere upside down before but could not find it. I want to thank the Lord Jesus for this unusual restoration. .

I would want to return all the glory to God for delivering me from the affliction of PICA that I had suffered for nine (9) years. I used to find myself eating or chewing pieces of cloth, but I have never experienced this again after the mountain-moving prayers. Even when the urge comes, It just ends. I want to thank God for the deliverance. – Anonymous.

I want to testify of the goodness of the Lord. I was in the last edition of the mountain-moving prayers. On my prayer list were recovery of my lost school certificate and getting a job, among others. Few days after the prayers, I got a long-term job even though I applied after the application was closed. Secondly, In June this year, I sent all my original certificates to a University in London by DHL, and the documents never arrived. I followed up with the school and DHL to no avail. Only today, I have been emailed by the school, asking me to confirm my return address. God has restored the certificates according to my expectations during the prayers. Hallelujah! - N. Zyongwe (Liverpool, United Kingdom).

I want to thank God for what He has done. For the past two and half years, I had been living with severe pain almost daily. My left knee was constantly hurting me. After one of the days of the Mountain-Moving prayers, Pastor instructed that we should anoint ourselves. I immediately anointed my knee, and I immediately felt something moving from my kneecap, going down to my left foot was amazed. I could not believe it. To the glory of God, I am perfectly healed now. I can now stand up from the bed without support or holding anything. I thank God for the prayer program.
- Mrs Eva – Johannesburg, South Africa

My name is Austen; this is from Johannesburg, South Africa. Celebrate with me. On the 29th of this month (January), I got a call from home two days ago that my elder brother was seriously sick. He is usually not a sickly person; I got very distraught. I quickly reached out to Daddy, and he responded by saying, your brother will be restored, and affliction will not arise the second time. I had confidence in the power of that spoken word. The next day I called home, and I was told my brother had been restored, he was now completely fine. I insisted on speaking to him, and I confirmed that he is completely fine. I also spoke with him today, and he is perfectly fine. I give God all the Glory.

My name is from Job Dongo from South Africa. I have been a part of the mountain-moving prayers. I want to share my testimony about the restoration and revival of my spiritual gifts, especially in the area of visions and dreams. For many months before now, I could only remember my dreams once or twice per week, and I only had visions once in awhile. But since last week as a result of the mountain-moving the prayers, I now remember my dreams clearly. My spiritual gifts have also been revived. All praise be to God.

My name is Blessing Khumalo from Johannesburg - South Africa. I have two testimonies for healing. Firstly it’s about my grandmother that has been suffering from leg pains for a while now. She was struggling to walk, and at times she will feel like she is stepping on glasses whenever she walks. I told her about the 14 days Mountain-Moving Prayers and I wake-up at midnight and pray, and during the prayers, I was also standing in the gap for her. I called her on the 2nd day to check on her, and she told me she’s no longer feeling pain, and she slept like a baby. The second testimony is about me; I have been having a very sharp pain on my chest; it has been on and off for a while. If I am not mistaken it was on the 3rd or 4th day of the prayers, Papa said there’s someone with a sharp pain on their chest; you must put your hand there. I did so while he was praying and from that day l haven’t felt the pain anymore. God has healed us completely.

My name is Mrs Ijeoma Eze-Nwosu, from Johannesburg - South Africa. I want to thank Jesus Christ for His healing anointing in family. My husband has not been able to drive in the sun without sunglasses, for him even to watch television, it is a problem, but during the mountain moving prayers, I have been making sure that his eyes are anointed. From the second day of this encounter, my husband’s eyes have been restored to the Glory of God. Unlike before, he has not used eyeglasses while driving or reading, and now he is watching television freely—no more struggles in his vision. Secondly, my brother-in-law has been in isolation because he tested positive for covid, since this encounter began I and my household have been standing in the gap for him. just last night, he called us. He told us that he’s out of isolation and has now tested negative to COVID-19. Today, my brother in law called us that he had been called back to start work tomorrow. He lives in Canada.

My name is Elizabeth Madula, from South Africa. I have been a part of the Mountain-moving prayers. I woke up with flu symptoms on Saturday morning (January 30th). Throughout the day, I was using the anointing oil by faith in the Lord Jesus and believing God for healing. To the Glory of God, He answered me. I am completely healed now. I thank God for answering speedily.

Greetings in Jesus name, my name is Sister Tlotlo Moroka from Botswana. I want to testify of how partaking of this platform of Mountain Moving Prayers has done great things in my life. Pastor Sule told us to get our anointing oil on the second day of the prayers, and he prayed and declared on them. As soon as I laid the anointing oil on my head, I started vomiting. The Lord delivered me through that process. I want to thank God for total deliverance in my life. The second testimony is that the following day which was the 3rd day of the prayers, while I was at work, my son called me to tell me that there was a black cat arrested right in front of my doorstep. They tried to chase it, and it couldn’t even move. I got into prayers and frustrated the plans of the enemy. By the grace of God, the cat disappeared and never returned. I thank God for this platform of prayers and to Pastor Sule for allowing God to use you to touch our lives as far as Botswana!

Our names are Mr & Mrs Conduah, from South Africa. We want to give God all the Glory for financial open doors and favour that we have experienced. For a while now there has been a job opportunity that was hanging and quiet, but as a result of being part of the mountain-moving prayers, my wife was called yesterday to come and start working from today to the Glory of God. We give God all the Glory.

My name is David, from Middleburg- Mpumalanga - South Africa. I greet you in the matchless name of my Lord & Saviour Jesus’s Christ. I have been a part of the mountain-moving prayers. Today, January 28th, I just got a fantastic job and signed the offer, after being jobless for over a year and a half. I did not even apply for this job; the agent is the one who called me to ask if I’m interested. I want to thank the Lord Jesus for what he has done.

My name is Nyaradzo Dianah Manhanga from East London - Eastern Cape, South Africa. On Wednesday, December 02nd 2020, on the 3rd night of the 7 Nights of Mountain-Moving Prayers, God used Dr Sule to mention the case of my right leg that was causing me pain. I was healed that night to the Glory of God, and I have not felt the pain since. I would like to appreciate God for His mercy.

My name is Mr Barry from Johannesburg, on day 1 of the Mountain-moving prayers, I prayed, Father heal me of short breath. I received an instruction from Lord saying, “Do some walking exercises.” When it was day, I decided to walk around in town. Starting slowly, I got tired and wanted to drive to where I was going. But the voice kept saying, increase the pace of your walking. Brethren, I walked around without panting for breath. When I got home, I sat down, and I was sweating. For the past 21 days, I sweat only when I steam myself. After day 1 of the mountain-moving prayers, I got my healing from COVID 19 related complications. Glory be to God.

My name is Moipone from Johannesburg, South Africa. I want to use this medium to share my testimonies. I started praying with the Mountain-Moving prayers from on day 7. My friend attends OFM JOHANNESBURG, I would always ask her, why are you so blessed, which church do you go to and she would tell me. But due to corona, I couldn’t attend. However, this time she informed me of the prayers and I decided that I would attend. 1. I started a business which I was asking God to help me. After my first time with the prayers, that same day I got calls of people wanting my services, today (January 27th), I also got a call of a person who said they would help me with capital for the business. 2. Here is my second testimony, I had a sore throat, a very dry throat and the pastor said pray for wherever you feel pain I prayed over that and drank the anointing oil and the Glory of God, the pain is gone till now. I want to thank God he is putting destiny helpers in my way and healing me from sickness Instantly.

My name is Vincent Nkosi, from South Africa. I want to testify to the goodness of God in my life and my family. I am so elated right now of what God is doing in my life. Two Testimonies I would like to share : 1. I had gone for CPO training in May 2019. I received the certificate for that course, but the core certificate called the Accreditation certificate I had never received & I was never told why - and that blocked our chances to be employed or even to be recognized as CPO’s in South Africa or anywhere else. While we are still in our 14 nights of Mountain Moving Prayers and to the Glory of God, I received a call out of nowhere from my former instructor who asked to meet with me, he apologized & told me my certificate is out and he gave it to me today. This is after waiting from 2019. My second testimony is: Last year, one of my friends who is already working in Close Protection told me that there was a big company in Sandton urgently looking for CPO’s for their CEOs and advised me to send my CV. I was reluctant to apply because when he told me it was already past closing date, I somehow sent my CV. I remember this day very well because it was 30 minutes before midnight when I forwarded the CV & I thought to myself, I’m just doing it to get my friend off my back & besides they won’t consider me with the criteria they had in place. Today, I received a call inviting me for an interview. This is the hand of God, and I am grateful to God.

Our names are Nhlanhla and Busi Mlangeni, from Pretoria, South Africa. We want to share a testimony which was birthed by the 14 Days Moving Mountains prayers. Yesterday (January 27th), I was supposed to increase my salary of 4% as per inflation rate. Since we started Day 1 of Moving Mountain prayers, we directed our prayers to financial liberation. By God’s Grace, yesterday I was informed that my salary increase is a total rate of 20% (5 times more than the expected raise). God has left us speechless as he has not stopped blessing us since we joined the church. We joined the church in November 2020, and God blessed us with an engagement in the same month. Then this month as we partook in the 40 days fasting God blessed us with a car. With the 14 days Moving mountain prayers, God has blessed us with an abundant salary increase; He has given us business ideas and direction on financing the business. God is Good We acknowledge Papa and Mama, their anointing is truly a blessing over us, more than we deserve.

This is from Sis Malebo, from Johannesburg-South Africa. I want to thank God for my healing, since we started the 14 days prayer and fasting, I have had a very sore body, but I am now completely healed to the Glory of God. Secondly, I want to thank God for the restoration of my daughter's spiritual life. Also, Papa, yesterday declared that miracle job was being released. I connected to it, and I believed he was talking to me. Today I received a call for being shortlisted for a managers post. Interview will take place in few days. Glory to God!

My name is Luisa Moipolai, from Botswana. I have been actively participating in the 14 nights of mountain-moving prayers. I have been in the process of purchasing a plot to build a family house. When I had completed everything and submitted my documents at the bank, they told me I have an ITC bad credit report and can't continue. During this 14 day mountain-moving prayers, I prayed along with the prayer point that said: "every self-inflicted problem that is delaying my destiny, O God show me mercy." I also connected to the prophetic declaration of the anointing for ownership. To the Glory of God, When I went to get a new financial report, there is no such details anymore of ITC BAD CREDIT. The report is clean. I give all the Glory to God, and I am now expecting approval in Jesus name.

This is from Mr Daniel Relesego from South Africa. I very grateful to bring the Glory back to the Lord. A day ago (January 26th) when the following prayer was raised "Evil instructions and predictions issued against me..." as we were praying I started having chest pains, and to the Glory of God, when the prayer ended, the pain was completely gone. Pastor mentioned the case. Secondly, Last year, I studied for a degree in business administration, and I had to drop off due to hefty school fees of 72k. This year 2021, I enrolled for a postgraduate diploma with Wits business school to study digital business, by the grace of God, at the place where I work, they have informed me that they will be sponsoring me to study this course which cost 90k. To God be the Glory, chest pains are gone, and I got 90k sponsorship at work to study. Jesus is Lord.

I am RebaOne Martha George from Botswana. I want to thank God and the man of God Pastor Sule for these prayers. It's been 2 months since I had my menstrual period, at first I thought I was pregnant, but no, I was feeling heavy and as if I'm carrying a heavy load. My tummy was big. On the 3rd day of the mountain-moving prayers, I anointed my head and stomach, commanding every evil deposit in my body to be flushed out. The following day after the prayers, I had my period and diarrhoea. Everything that had been in my system was flushed out. I now feel very light and relieved. I know that everything that was wrong with me has been flushed out of my body. I want to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for this miracle.

Greetings, in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ, my name is Rosina, I would like to give God the Glory for restoring my health. From April 24th 2020, I have been having a challenge on my legs. They were always swelling whether I was sitting or standing, unless I elevate them. I have been attending the Mountain Moving Prayers, which started a few days ago, I realized that my feet were not swollen any more starting from Thursday. I thank God for this encounter. Indeed, according to the decree of the man of God, dry bones have heard the word of the Lord. Amen.

Good Day, everyone; my name is N. Zyongwe from Liverpool, United Kingdom. I am a 44-year-old single lady that has been believing God for marital settlement. After being a part of the Mountain-Moving prayers, two men are now interested in marrying me, and now I am confused about who the right one is. God is awesome!

Good day! My name is Favour, from South Africa. I want to thank God for restoration and mercy. On the second day of Mountain Moving Prayers, the man of God mentioned a case of someone who has been seeing snakes when they are asleep. My sister had been seeing snakes since last year March (on and off). From after the case was mentioned and addressed, there has been no occurrence anymore. We want to return the glory to God.

Glory to God for what He has done. My name is Erika from Namibia. I have been attending the Mountain Moving Prayers, and these are my testimonies to God’s Glory:
1. There is a revival now in my prayer life.
2. God healed me from back pain when Daddy mentioned the case of back pain.
3. A friend I stood in for prayers received financial favour.
4. According to one of the decrees of the man of God about receiving direction, God released direction to me for my daughter’s school and a place for us to stay.

I also thank God for healing me from overwhelming weakness that comes upon me. This has been a serious health issue. Hallelujah. I thank God for what he has done through these mountain-moving prayers.

My name is Didintle Letlape, from Rustenburg, South Africa. I want to thank the Lord for healing. I had a painful sore in my mouth for the past week, and as pastor instructed that we put anointing oil where we are trusting God for healing on the second day, I did as instructed, and I am now completely healed. Thank you Jehovah Rapha!

Greetings to everyone; I am T. Makutane from Johannesburg – South Africa. I had been having feet cramps for a while, but after partaking in the prayers and anointing my feet according to the instruction of the man of God, the cramps are completely gone. I thank God for healing me. Praise God. – T. Matukane, Johannesburg – South Africa.

My name is Thembi from South Africa. I have been applying for a job for almost two years, but I haven’t been successful. After partaking in the mountain-moving prayers, I am excited to say that I received a call two days ago to come for an interview tomorrow morning. This has never happened all the while I have been applying for jobs in almost two years. I know I am going to get this job. I want to thank God for the 14 days of prayer.